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24 Jun 2013

How to Flip Houses with No Money

Flipping a house basically means buying a house, usually at a bargain price (requiring maintenance, repairs, renovation etc), working on it to considerably improve its market value and then selling it for a profit. Quite obviously, finances
24 Jun 2013

How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your House

While you can easily put up your own home for sale in the market, using the professional services of a realtor can benefit you greatly. Not only does a realtor make the whole process easier, he/she will
24 Jun 2013

How to Generate Mortgage Leads

Mortgage brokers make money when people obtain mortgages through them. The more mortgages they arrange, the more they earn in commissions. However, finding mortgage leads is the first step for brokers, who then have to convert those
24 Jun 2013

How to Become a Property Manager

Property managers are hired by estate owners who don’t have the time or expertise to properly manage their properties. A manager is usually tasked with maintaining a property, tending to it (landscaping, maintenance, repairs), marketing it, finding
22 Jun 2013

How to Hold an Open House

An open house can be a great way to sell your home if you are confident about its appearance and pull. However, in order to hold a successful open house, there are a few tips you need
21 Jun 2013

Noise Complaint Letter to Tenant

Being a landlord is not just about collecting rent and profiting from your property. Landlords in Canada, much like other countries, have several responsibilities and duties towards their tenants. Likewise, a landlord is also responsible for some
21 Jun 2013

How to Tell if you’re House is Haunted

If you experience unexplained events, missing objects and strange noises in the night, you should consider whether your house is haunted. While all of these events might have perfectly reasonable explanations, you can’t be sure until you
21 Jun 2013

What Is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

A short sale in real estate is a property sale which does not generate enough money to pay back or cover the entire debt owed on the property. The property can be anything, a home, an apartment
21 Jun 2013

How to Become a Real Estate Investor

Real estate can be a very lucrative investment, and is considered by many as the quick road to wealth. However, becoming a real estate investor requires not only effort and hard work, but prudence and smart management.
21 Jun 2013

How to Find Real Estate Auctions in Your Areas

If you are seeking real estate investment opportunities, you should keep an eye on all real estate auctions. Auctions are much more common in the US and Australia when compared to Canada; and home owners are generally
19 Jun 2013

Home Construction Site Preparation

If you have purchased land in order to construct your own home according to your preferences, you will have to prepare the site before you can begin the project. Undeveloped land can have several issues that need
18 Jun 2013

May Witnessed Rise in Canadian Home Sales

The Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) latest report shows that home sales throughout Canada saw a rise in the month of May. The MLS system, which handles the most listings throughout the nation, reported a 3.6% rise
17 Jun 2013

How do you Subdivide a Property

Subdividing a property means creating two different titles from one property by dividing it, both physically and legally. You might want to sell off part of your property, or break it up into separate entities for any
17 Jun 2013

How to Work Out Yield on Rental Property

Yield is defined as the return on an investment and is measured relative to the initial cost. Calculating the yield on a rental property takes into account the annual revenue generated by the property and its purchase
17 Jun 2013

Make a Small Bedroom Look Larger

If you feel your bedroom is too small, you won’t feel very comfortable in it, let alone relax after a tiring day at work. Most of the times, it’s not just the physical space that is your
17 Jun 2013

Be a Good House Guest

Just like we all hate bad hosts, hosts equally abhor guests who have no manners. If you are going to be staying over at a friend or family member’s place, there are certain etiquettes that you must
17 Jun 2013

Ideas for Decorating Small Bedrooms

Not every house has master bedrooms, and when you are short on space, clever use of it is very important. Your bedroom is very important – it is your resting place and reflects your personality, likes and
17 Jun 2013

Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Not everyone has the luxury of space, and if your house is built on limited land, with a small bedroom, you might find yourself short of storage capacity for your personal items. All is not lost however;
17 Jun 2013

How to Become a House Stager

Home staging is growing as a popular real estate career and many people see it as a glamorous and enjoyable work. Home stagers basically prime a house in order to sell it. They will inspect a property
14 Jun 2013

How to Get Second Mortgage Loans in Canada

Second mortgages or home equity loans are instruments used by people to borrow more money on an already mortgaged property. The second loan can be for debt payments, home renovation costs, or other personal expenses. These second