Welcome to Canada Property Listing’s buying guide. Our guide is broken down into easy-to-understand sections which break down the whole process of buying your dream house.

What can I Afford to Buy

After finding your dream house, it all comes down to your budget and finances. You have to consider your limit very carefully since buying a house is a long-term investment.

Get Approved for a Mortgage

You will need to have a mortgage lined up before you enter the market to buy a house. Mortgage pre-approval will not only save your time but also put you a step ahead of the other buyers.

Finding Property to Buy

Since buying a house is a long-term investment, you need to make sure it meets all your requirements and needs. Factors ranging from the number of rooms on offer to nearby facilities need to be carefully considered.

Buying a House with Others

While buying a house with friends, family or your partner can ease the financial burden, there are several legal and financial implications in such an arrangement which need careful deliberation before you commit to anything.

Guide to Part Exchanges

If you are looking to move up the property ladder and purchase a new house after selling your old one, a part exchange can solve your problems. This is where the seller purchases your old house and compensates for it in the price for the new house.

Buying Property at an Auction

Purchasing a property at an auction can be a unique experience, but you need to be prepared beforehand to make sure you make the best of it.

Research Real Estate Market

Even if you have found the house of your dreams, you still need to research the market to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

New Build Properties

There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of purchasing a new build property. However, you need to take both sides into account before you make your decision.

Negotiate Before Making an Offer

After viewing and selecting the property you want, you will need to negotiate on the price and make an offer. However, you have the weigh the asking price against the actual value of the property and consider whether paying more is worth it.

House Viewing Tips for Buyers

Viewing multiple houses is very important before you finalize one. Considering all your options gives you a better perspective and helps you form a baseline for comparisons.

Seasonal House Buying

While summer is the popular season for house-hunting, if you are smart, you can find a much better deal in the winter season. Our guide has all the tips you should follow for a great deal no matter what the season.

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