How to Become a House Stager

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Home staging is growing as a popular real estate career and many people see it as a glamorous and enjoyable work. Home stagers basically prime a house in order to sell it. They will inspect a property and recommend changes, which if made, will lead to a quicker sale at a better price. While becoming a home stager does not need you to have a specific degree, a lot of hard work, time and money needs to be invested if you want to be become a successful house stager.

Assess your skills

You need to assess your skills and abilities before you decide to pursue this career. You will basically need organization and marketing skills, along with real estate experience and designing knowledge. You will also have to stay up to date with the latest design trends and products available in the market.

Research the profession

Before you start trying, you need to research and find out how this field works. You can tune in to popular TV shows like ‘Sell This House’ or ‘Designed to Sell’ and see how professionals stage homes. Interior design magazines and catalogues can also serve as inspirations and help you stay current on the latest trends.

Try and get some formal training

You technically don’t need a formal degree or course in home staging. You can just decide to pursue this career any day and not look back. However, it is recommended that you seek some sort of training in order to polish your existing skills. Since this career is growing fast, training centers are opening up, where professional stagers mentor aspiring ones. These courses are one week long at best, and can benefit you greatly before you begin.

Practice and experiment

After taking a small course, you will be set to practice home staging. Contact your friends and family members and seek permission to experiment with their interiors. You should be looking to set up the interior in a way that it appeals to a variety of prospective buyers.

Start your career

Once you have gone through all the steps above, you can start your professional career in home staging. If you have the resources and interest, the best way is to set up your own company and work with creative and financial freedom. However, you should be prepared for initial setbacks, because a lot of people are still not aware of what home staging is and how it can benefit them.

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