If you are planning to sell your house and want to get a top dollar deal, make sure you enhance the kerb appeal of your home, to leave a lasting impression on the minds of potential buyers. Kerb appeal refers to the external features which make the outer appearance of a property attractive, and this has the power to seal the deal in most cases.

Judging by appearances might not work for books or people, but it certainly does when it comes to property, especially houses. It is commonly believed, in the world of real estate, that it takes no more than eight seconds for potential buyers to decide whether they like a house or not. If your house has an eye-catching exterior, potential homebuyers will be drawn to it, and will be eager to see what it looks like from the inside.

On the whole, kerb appeal is much more than just making the exterior of a house presentable; you need to focus on a lot of the finer details, to maximize your chances of getting the best possible deal. While it is undoubtedly important, adding kerb appeal to your home does not necessarily have to be an expensive project; by following a few simple and low-cost tips, you can improve the appearance of your property within a limited budget.

Remember that the front door is the focal point of your home’s kerb appeal. It is the first thing that the potential buyers are going to look at, so make a statement by giving it a fresh coat of paint, or polishing it if it is wooden. Tighten and clean all door knobs, and polish any metal fixtures. If the front door is fairly old, and is showing signs of weathering, consider replacing it with a custom wooden door. Place potted flowers near the front door to add a welcoming effect, and do not forget to buy a new welcome mat.

If your house has a front yard, make sure it is properly trimmed, well maintained, and free of any rubbish or clutter. Power wash your home’s exterior, including the driveway, walkways, terrace, and deck. You might also consider repainting the exterior of the house, if you feel it is needed. A fresh coat of paint will make your home look new and inviting. Clean the windows inside and out, to make them sparkle.

House numbers and a wall-mounted mailbox also play a key role in how your home looks from the street. Consider getting new numbers and a mailbox, if you feel it can enhance the kerb appeal of your home. Your conveyancer will ask you several other questions as well; make sure you answer all the queries at the earliest. Use registered post to make sure all your documents reach the conveyancer safely, and in time. You can also deliver important documents by hand.

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