Be a Good House Guest

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Just like we all hate bad hosts, hosts equally abhor guests who have no manners. If you are going to be staying over at a friend or family member’s place, there are certain etiquettes that you must follow in order to be respected and perhaps invited over again for a stay.

Take a gift along

Your host has probably spent a lot of time and energy setting up the house for your arrival. You can at least be polite and take a gift with you when you go. You don’t need to pick something very expensive, and if you are only staying for the night, taking dinner can be a good idea. However, make sure you check with your host to find out whether he/she has dinner plans, before you take food.

Find out house rules

While your host is probably going to be polite and not impose strict rules on you, it is important that you respect them. If you are a night owl, it is important that you find out whether your host is disturbed with your late night movie marathons or pizza deliveries.

Buy your own food

If you will be staying for a few days, it is recommended that you take time out to visit the local market and buy your own groceries. It is not polite to be a burden on your host and make him/her responsible for your food. Buying your own will also save you money compared to eating outside.

Clean up behind yourself

This is very important, no matter where you go. If you don’t clean up your own mess, your hosts are most definitely not going to invite you again. When you use your host’s washroom for instance, make sure you wipe everything properly, drain the water and dry the towels. If you have been given your own room, it is your responsibility to dust it and make your bed after you get up. When you are done eating, you should pick up your own plates and leave them in the washer (or rinse them). The hosts are not your servants, and should not be expected to do things for you. Show your appreciation for their generosity by at least taking the responsibility of your own mess.

Give space to your hosts

You might think you are entertaining the hosts, but they too need their space and privacy. You should be going out and doing things on your own so that your hosts get time to themselves and enjoy privacy. No one likes a guest who completely disrupts the daily routine and becomes an annoyance.

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