How to Choose a Realtor to Sell Your House

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While you can easily put up your own home for sale in the market, using the professional services of a realtor can benefit you greatly. Not only does a realtor make the whole process easier, he/she will work to get you the best value for your property. Typically, real estate agents or realtors (agents licensed with the Canadian Real Estate Association) are associated with sellers, and split their commission with the buyer’s broker. If you are a seller, you should look for a capable and experienced realtor to sell your property for the best value.

Go for a certified Realtor

You may not know it, but a real estate agent and a Realtor are not the same. While both have similar duties, there are significant differences. A Realtor, in Canada, is a licensed real estate agent, and is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Membership of the association gives Realtors additional benefits, such as exclusive access to the MLS system (local boards which list all properties for sale in a locality).

Choose a reputable firm

Along with the realtor’s capabilities, his/her firm will also matter a lot when it comes to selling your property. Larger firms usually have larger budgets and more resources for marketing and promoting your real estate. Moreover, with bigger firms having several agents, there are more chances of your property selling quicker.

Check previous references

A successful realtor always has references from satisfied clients. Try and obtain around 3-5 references and contact them to find out about the realtor. Don’t hesitate from asking questions about his/her work, attitude, planning and execution.

Ask for specific plans

Ask your realtor to provide you or run you through his plan for selling your property. A professional realtor has many resources and works on multiple fronts to sell your property quickly. Seeking a plan will help you assess whether the realtor is experienced or not.

Avoid realtors willing to act for both parties

As mentioned earlier, buyers generally don’t hire realtors, and their broker splits the commission with the seller’s agent. However, there are realtors who offer to work for both the seller and the buyer. While this may seem like a smooth arrangement, with a negotiator between the two parties, it is generally recommended that you hire your own realtor. If the realtor’s commission solely depends on selling your house, you are more likely to get better value for your property in the end.

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