Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms

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Not everyone has the luxury of space, and if your house is built on limited land, with a small bedroom, you might find yourself short of storage capacity for your personal items. All is not lost however; because even though you cannot modify the physical boundaries of your room, you can make better use of your furniture and place it cleverly to create more storage space in your bedroom.

Clever Nightstands

Bedrooms invariably need nightstands to place the usual objects – alarm clock, glass of water, bed-time books etc. If you have a small bedroom, you should look for a nightstand which is compact and has a drawer and a small cabinet under it. Not only will this serve as the surface, but the drawer and cabinet can hold your books etc. Moreover, if possible, go for a thin-framed nightstand as opposed to a complete block. Thin-frame furniture offers more storage capacity without looking bulky.

If you can’t spare space on the floor, you can improvise a little and hang a shelf top, up-side down, on your bedroom wall. This will suffice as a small storage compartment without coming in the way and taking up floor space.

Shelves in walls

Another great idea to create more space in your bedroom is to cut into a portion of your wall, preferably next to the bed, and use it like a shelf. When you cut inside the wall, you will not be taking up any space on the exterior, and can simple place wood panels in the space to make shelves.

Display your jewelry instead of storing it

Storing your jewelry can be tricky when you have limited storage space. You need your collection to be both neatly organized and easily accessible. If you don’t have much space, you can put together clever pieces to display jewelry. For instance, you can get a blank picture frame and attach hooks on it to hang your necklaces. Another great idea is to buy one of the jewelry trees available at jewelry shops for displaying items. You can place a jewelry tree on the table in your room and hang everything on it. Not only will it look great, you will be able to pick and choose easily, without wasting much space.

Use corners cleverly

In a small bed-room, any space you can get should be utilized. Corners are usually wasted since you can’t fit anything in them. However, if you look into getting small benches and slender stands, you can fill up a corner and prepare a cozy resting place for yourself and friends.

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