The state of the front garden of a home can sometimes be the deciding factor on value, but in the race to make the most of the house, owners often overlook it. Ideally, the lawn outside your home should be so well maintained that potential buyers cannot resist the urge to come inside and see the interior.

You don’t need to hire professionals or grow imported plants in your garden to give it an attractive look; instead, you can make people want to come inside simply by keeping the garden neat and tidy. Spruce up your front lawn by regularly pruning and trimming the plants, and make sure the grass is trimmed and level. Besides trimming the plants and grass, remove weeds and any yard clutter on a regular basis. To give a fresh and maintained look to your lawn for a low cost, apply fresh mulch to the flower beds.

Regularly trim the trees and bushes, and apply fresh paint to the wooden fences surrounding the lawn. Furthermore, ornamental touches like hanging baskets and flower troughs add a whole new dimension to your garden, and help you utilize all the available space. However, not all plants look great in hanging baskets, so you need to be very careful when selecting plants for the baskets; the best flowering plants that can be grown in a hanging basket include impatiens, petunias, and geraniums. In addition, ferns also look great in a basket. You can also try growing edible herbs and fruits like tomatoes and strawberries in the hanging baskets. These will not only help you in the kitchen but will also give your garden a more cared-for look. If you have enough free space available, consider installing a summer house, which will prove a major plus point during viewings.

Pots on the sides of the front door add a welcoming look to it, but do not forget the backyard; it is arguably more important than the front of the house. The busy lifestyles these days do not allow people to spend much time on gardening, so it is best to make your backyard a low maintenance area. Use decking, paving and woodchips to differentiate between the areas of your backyard. You can also plant some easy to grow herbs and vegetables in one corner of the backyard. This can be an added incentive for potential buyers to consider purchasing your home.

Well maintained front and back lawns are often underestimated, but there is no doubt in the fact that they will help you raise the price of your house significantly. t o�� gt(F �f est to place the garbage bin in the laundry during viewings.

It is important to make sure your kitchen smells nice to the nose of a potential buyer, so avoid cooking foods with a strong aroma the night before a viewing. Pour hot salt water down the drain at least twice a week to get rid of kitchen odors. Grinding some lemon rind in the disposal can also make your kitchen smell good.

Finally, to give it all a finishing touch, place flowers or potpourri on window sills. This will not only create a welcoming atmosphere but will also add a fresh fragrance, combating typical kitchen odors.

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