If you are looking to sell your house quickly and for the best possible price, there are several things that you can do to improve the chances.

The most important thing is to price your house realistically. A realistically set asking price will significantly increase your chances of making a quick sale. While low pricing may help you sell the house fairly quickly (albeit at the cost of financial loss), overpricing will never serve the purpose; rather potential buyers will most probably ignore the listing.

Do not think that you can start with a high asking price and just bring it down at a later stage, if required. If you drop the price, potential buyers will check how long the house has been on the market, and may assume that you are a desperate seller. It will also send a wrong signal to the buyers, making them think that there is room for even more negotiation –all this will delay the selling process. If you are unable to set a fair and appropriate asking price for your home on your own, consult an agent who can guide you in this regard.

After the asking price, comes the viewing process. First impressions matters a lot, so have a critical look at your house and work on its presentation, to make it attractive to potential buyers. Externally, a spruced up front garden, a fresh coat of paint, and windows that have been washed both inside and out can make all the difference. Make sure you clean the front door too, and give it a welcoming touch by placing a few flower pots around it. The driveway, walkway, patio and deck should all be clean and free of clutter.

The inside of your house should be equally neat and clean. De-clutter the hallways and rooms, and use sensible storage so that the clutter is out of sight. Be sure to choose the right furniture; heavy furniture takes up space, and makes even big areas appear smaller, so go for elegant and streamlined pieces of furniture. Mirrors are a great way to make small areas feel more spacious, so use these to enhance the appeal of your house.

The kitchen is always a key selling point so make sure you clean it, and present it at its best. Remove all unnecessary items like the coffee maker and toaster from the counters, and ensure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink. You should also consider repairing any plumbing leaks and replacing all burnt light bulbs.

Hiring an estate agent or selling your house at an auction can also help you sell the house quickly, though you will have to pay the facilitator. However, that will be money well spent if you get a quick, reasonable deal.

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