Once you have decided the asking price for your home, it’s time to put it on the market for sale. When selling a property, people often approach an estate agent to help them get the best possible price.

When hiring the services of an estate agent for selling the house, it is better to go for one that has been recommended to you by someone trustworthy. If this is not possible, try to look for someone who has used the agent you are considering in the past, to find out how good s/he is at the job. Even if an agent has been highly recommended by a friend, make sure you interview him/her before hiring. Find out if the agent has a sound knowledge of the local market and of comparable houses in the area, in addition to finding out how experienced s/he is. It is also essential to ask yourself if you trust the individual, and determine whether you feel comfortable negotiating with him/her (if you do not feel comfortable, how will the potential buyer feel?).

Once you have decided to hire one, you will also need to manage him/her to make sure you get the best services. It is very important to clarify all sale related matters beforehand, so that there is no ambiguity in your dealings with the agent. Never assume anything; discuss each and every single point, no matter how small the issue is. Avoid verbal agreements with your estate agent; instead, confirm each stage of the sale in writing. Usually, the fee and commission of estate agents is negotiable, but once you have agreed upon a fee, pay it on time.

There is no denying that hiring the services of estate agents can be costly, so people often cut them out of the equation to save some money. In these cases, the house is sold privately, without paying any fee, or by paying a very small amount of money in advertising fees. There are several ways through which you can sell your house privately, but three of them are most common. These involve advertising the property online, advertising in the local newspaper, or putting a ‘For Sale’ board in your front garden.

Online advertisement means listing your house on websites, either free of cost or for a small fee. There are several websites that allow people to list their houses for free, and this way you can make your property visible to a huge online audience. The websites that charge sellers a fee also allow them to advertise by putting up large photos of their property. Simply take attractive photos of your house, upload them on the website, add a catchy description, and wait for interested buyers to contact you. mso-bC ln� (F SA’>Make sure you get all of the buyers’ details from the agent when arranging the time for the viewing, and then ask the buyers to confirm all these details when they come to see the house. If you are alone in the house, it is a good idea to ask a friend or a trustworthy neighbour to accompany you while you show the home to the buyer.

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