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If you have purchased land in order to construct your own home according to your preferences, you will have to prepare the site before you can begin the project. Undeveloped land can have several issues that need to be addressed before it can be utilized for construction. Continue reading to find out how you can prepare your land site for home construction.

Map the site

Mapping the site, or having it mapped by a professional surveyor should be your first step. Find out where the boundaries lie, how the utility lines flow and mark all trees and physical features on the map. Now you can plan your foundation and the design of your construction according to the physical features of the site.

Clear up the vegetation

Before you can begin building, you need to clear up the land of vegetation. Get professional excavation service to remove large trees, bushes, stumps and underground roots. The foundation of your house needs to be strong and the surface needs to be leveled.

Clean up the Site

You also need to remove any concrete slabs, asphalt tracks or topsoil not required. Check with your local development authority to find out which utility lines you need to terminate and how you need to replace or repair the ones you intend to use for your own house.

Fill up the site with soil

If there are any drains, trenches or sewers, you need to have them de-watered before filling them with soil and grading them. You might want to retain small ponds for landscaping however, for which you should refer to your construction map and building design.

Have the site graded

If the land is sloped, or hilly, it will need to be flattened and stabilized before you can begin construction. Grading equipment is necessary to prepare the surface for large builds.

Treat the soil

The land needs to be treated for termites and erosion. You have to be careful with the vegetation and seek professional advice before clearing the land. Additional soil might be required to stabilize the site.

Clean the site of hazardous waste

If there are any hazardous materials or spills on the site, you need to have them removed and then grade the site. Make sure you have the process carried out according to the local health and environment regulations.

Prepare for the foundation

The site needs to be prepared for laying down the concrete foundation before you can erect the building on it.

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