Ideas for Decorating Small Bedrooms

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Not every house has master bedrooms, and when you are short on space, clever use of it is very important. Your bedroom is very important – it is your resting place and reflects your personality, likes and preferences. If you have a small bedroom, you can follow some design cues to make the most of the limited space you have.

Focus on the windows

Windows are essential for lighting up a room. Even if your bedroom is small, if it has two reasonably large windows, you can focus on them while you set things up. Make sure nothing blocks the windows and that they are either behind your bed, or on the side. You should efficiently use the space under additional windows by placing low couches or benches to make for reading and relaxing spots.

Make it symmetrical

If your room is narrow and long, you should place the bed against one end, running along the length of the room. This will allow you space to freely walk around the bed, and leave room near the other end. Instead of using nightstands, you can further have symmetrical shelves built on either sides of the bed and use the space above the headboard for hanging art etc. The shelves will give you ample storage space, and you will not need any additional cabinets.

Don’t waste wall space

Remember, floor space is not the only space you can use. Walls are often left bare and unused, which is a mistake, especially if you are already short on space. Walls are not only for photos and paintings, and easily hold hanging shelves, wooden or countertops to function like desks and hanging lamps. Choose bare frames when getting shelves etc to hang on walls to retain a minimalistic look. If you use your wall space efficiently, you will not need to clutter your floor space.

Build in corners

Corners of the room are often ignored because most furniture is not designed to fit corners. However, when you are short on space, using corners can be very effective. Look into corner beds, which often come with combined couches and have bottom compartments which can be used to store clothing. A broad ‘V’ shaped bed with a couch setup will free up the rest of the floor space. You don’t even need to have cabinets in the room, since the drawers under the beds will suffice. However, be mindful when using walls near or with your bed/couch for hanging shelves etc.

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