Our step-by-step property guides are simple yet comprehensive and include expert advice to help you navigate the real estate market in Canada

Buying a House in Canada

Buying Guide

Our Buying Guide will help you through every step of your new purchase – from selecting a suitable location, getting a mortgage to making an offer and finally moving in – we have it all covered.

Selling your House/ Property in CanadaSelling Guide

If you are in the market to sell, we want you to get the best value. Read our Selling Guide to find out how you can market your property for the best offers and attract suitable buyers.

Renting your house or property in CanadaRenting Guide

Finding a suitable property with a good landlord and reasonable rent are a tenant’s prime concerns. Our Renting Guide tells you everything you need to protect your rights and establish a good relationship with your landlord.

How to Let your Property in CanadaLetting Guide

While letting your property can be profitable, you need to be aware of your duties as a landlord. Our Letting Guide will help you find honest tenants and understand your responsibilities towards them.

Moving into a New House in CanadaMoving Guide

While finding your dream house is hard, moving to it can be equally stressful. Our Moving Guide will help you properly plan the move and make the whole transition as smooth as possible.

Student Guide for Renting in CanadaRenting Guide for Students

If you are deciding to move for higher education, you will be needing accommodation. Our Student Renting Guide makes sure you know where and who to look for and what terms to agree on, so that your stay is as stress-free as it can be.

Buying Guide to First Time House BuyersFirst time Buyers Guide

Our First time Buyers Guide makes sure that finding your dream house is not a nightmare for you. Walking you through all the steps, we will make sure your first experience with the real estate market is a memorable one.

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