How to Tell if you’re House is Haunted

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If you experience unexplained events, missing objects and strange noises in the night, you should consider whether your house is haunted. While all of these events might have perfectly reasonable explanations, you can’t be sure until you actually try and find out the truth. Keep reading to find out ways you can check whether your house truly is haunted or not.

Record all unexplained events

A missing book can be attributed to a mischievous child and strange noises can be because of plumbing issues in your building. Don’t jump to any conclusions and make sure you have solid reasons to suspect paranormal activity. The best way to do that is to record all events on camera. If you regularly lose items, find your windows and doors mysteriously unlocked every time or hear footsteps in any of the rooms, you should set up a hidden camera and view the recordings to see if a family member or a friend is playing a prank on you. If the camera shows nothing, but the unexplained events continue, you should proceed further with your investigation.

Contact your Realtor

In Canada, Realtors (certified real estate agents) have access to detailed property records and can tell you about the past owners. Call up your realtor and inquire about the previous owners of the home and when they left. If possible, you should get their contact information and pay them a visit or call them up to ask about their experiences in that property. Some owners may not be willing to talk, and if that is the case, don’t push them and try to reach other leads. If none of them gives any details, there actually might be something wrong with your house.

Observe your pets

If you have any pets, you should observe their behavior closely, since animals are quick to pick up on paranormal activity and react to it. Dogs in particular behave differently when they detect anything suspicious. Constant barking, not eating food and whining in the night maybe signs that your pet is uncomfortable with the house and there is something off about it.

Get an energy audit

Energy audits are generally carried out to locate sources of energy wastage, like gaps in windows and doors which lead to heat loss etc. The purpose behind these audits is to get an assessment of your home’s current condition, so you can work on the areas which need improvement to conserve energy. However, energy auditors use thermal imaging to locate issues in your build, which means they can notice issues which escape the naked eye. The energy audit should fix problems like air drafts, and you should observe whether that changes anything. If the unexplained events and noises continue, you can be sure your home is haunted.

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