When selling your home, remember that it’s not just how the house looks to the potential buyers that counts, but also how it feels to them. If you can put some time and effort into making a few affordable adjustments, your home is bound to capture the attention of potential buyers instantly, and earn you the best deal. The most important thing in this regard is to add a sense of space to the rooms and hallways.

One of the most effective ways to make your home feel more spacious is to use mirrors. Use large mirrors in small areas, to make the room or hallway look longer and wider. Mirrors manipulate the perception of space by reflecting the light and colours that fall on them – in this way, they can make an area look more spacious than it is.

You must also ensure that your rooms are as clutter free as possible; this can be done by packing away at least 30 percent of your belongings. Once you decide to sell the home, you need to dissociate yourself from it, and start seeing it as nothing more than a house; this will help you detach yourself emotionally, and pack up your belongings without any difficulty. Your prime objective should be to make the house presentable and attractive for potential buyers. Carefully evaluate your furniture; remove items that interrupt the flow of smooth movement through a room, or make the area shrink. For example, a large dining table in the kitchen or dining room can make the area appear smaller and more crowded.

Replacing curtains with roman blinds will also help maximize space. If you decide to do this, make sure you put all the curtains away carefully, so that the clutter is out of sight; it is best to rent a storage unit to move all the clutter off-site. Have all your blinds open during the day, and if it is a cloudy day, turn on the lights as well. To make your house appear brighter, consider upgrading all your bulbs to at least 100 watts.

The paint on the walls and ceilings also plays a key role in determining whether a room looks spacious or cramped. Use neutral colours on the walls and avoid bright or dark shades. It is also ideal to refrain from using carpets with distracting, overly busy patterns; an off-white carpet is ideal, as it makes the area look spacious and clean. You might also want to consider refinishing the wooden floors in your house.

Potential buyers will definitely be interested in checking the interiors of closets, to observe their condition and determine their storage capacity. For this reason, you need to avoid stuffing unnecessary things in the closets; pack away everything that you don’t need, and consider cleaning out the clothes closet by removing any out of season clothes.

By following these few simple guidelines, you can be assured that you will get the highest possible price for your house.

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