Summer is a popular season for house buying, since days are long and bright and houses with open gardens, large windows and cool living rooms attract buyers the most. However, whether you are buying during summer or winter, there are important factors you need to consider before you finalize your purchase.

If you are house-hunting during summers, you should take advantage of the day light and view the house during different hours of the day to better observe the exterior and interior. You should notice how the natural light falls, both outside and inside, and whether there are any cracks or flaws in the walls and paint. Moreover, you need to inspect the insulation, which needs to be in good working condition if you want to save money on utility bills. The windows should also be inspected to check whether they are double glazed to radiate heat in both directions.

If you like open spaces in gardens, you might be swayed by houses with them; however, you need to realize that while you will be paying top dollar for having the luxury of a garden, you may not be able to enjoy the space throughout the year. Furthermore, if there are any uncovered pipes in the open, you can potentially face a lot of trouble in the winter season, when the water in them freezes and they start rupturing.

House buying in winters, as compared to summers, also has its advantages. Since there are only a few sellers and a limited number of buyers, there is less competition and more time to make up your mind and buy the perfect house. However, winter days are shorter, and you will need more time during the day to view the property properly. On the bright side, winter allows you to better inspect the exterior and check for cracks and leakages inside the house. You should also walk around and check for damp inside and outside the house and inspect whether it has or can affect walls, paint and wooden frames.

Apart from the fact that sellers are eager to sell near the end of the year, lenders also offer better mortgage deals to attract customers during the winter season. Moreover, once you have chosen a property and decide to move in, you will find that estate agents and movers have more time to help you as compared to the busy summer season. Hence, if you are up for it, house hunting in winter can actually land you a great deal.

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