Finding the right place to rent in the right location, for the right amount of money is really a strenuous job that usually requires months of search. Furthermore, good places to rent go fast, so you need to be really proactive to put yourself at the front of the queue. Besides being proactive, you also need to follow a few simple tips to make sure you get ahead of the rest to secure the best house or apartment.

Start viewings well in time

The basic thing to be kept in mind is to start search for a place to rent well before time. For example if you are planning to move to a new house in June, it’s a good idea to start viewing places from April. Most of the houses or apartments to rent would not be available to move in for at least four weeks, and usually new lets are agreed months in advance.

Search online

Start your search for a rental online. There are a number of real estate websites listing all the houses and apartments available for rent. You can also use our listings to search for properties open for rent.

Contact letting agents

By hiring the services of a letting agent you can make strenuous and time-consuming renting process quite simple and quick. The letting agents have with them the lists of properties available for renting. Simply set up a time to see the apartment or house available, conduct viewings and if you like the place, fill out a lease request. However, it is recommended not to sign a lease contract the same day, instead make a second appointment with the landlord and take a friend or family member the next time you go to see and sign the lease.

Keep your cash reserves ready

It is also important to keep your cash reserves ready to pay the reservation fee. You will be required to pay a negotiable amount of money when filling the lease request form.

Have necessary documents ready

If you have been living on rent in the past you must be aware of what kind of documents you need to show toy your new landlord before signing a lease. However, if you are a newcomer, these documents include copies of references from your employer and previous landlords, your bank details, documents proving your identity and complete address. For a quick renting process, have copies of all these documents available.

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