Owing to the hectic nature of the process, moving day can be confusing and stressful, leading you to misplace or forget a number of things. However, it is essential to plan it all out in advance, and then make a checklist of things that need to be done on the day of the move.

Prior to the move, make sure you eliminate the chances of any difficulties arising on moving day. Take time off work in advance, so you can see the move through smoothly. Confirm the deal you have made with the moving company, and look into hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your house – this might seem extravagant, but given the amount of work you will have on moving day, you are unlikely to have any time for dusting and sweeping. Take care of any things that might need doing in advance – cancel your newspaper and other subscriptions, and let the electrical, gas, and telephone companies know that you are moving house. You will also need to inform the post office about your move, and request that they redirect your mail.

Once the big day arrives, make sure you go about things in an organized manner. It is essential that you be there throughout the packing and pickup process. Direct the movers to where everything is, and make sure you keep kids and pet out of the way. Before the movers begin, make sure you compare your inventory with theirs, to ensure that you are all on the same page.

While the movers are doing their work, take care of last minute tasks that need doing. Defrost the refrigerator and freezer, and place any leftover food in a bag. The water heater needs to be switched off, the thermostat needs to be turned down to around 15 degrees, and all the utilities need to be cut off.

Move through the entire house, locking all the doors and windows, turning off all the lights, and making sure nothing is left behind. Check through all the drawers and closets, to ensure that they are empty, and have a last look at the yard, to make sure there are no toys or garden hoses lying about. Then, take care of all the numerous keys – make sure you leave all the house keys, including the mailbox key, for the new owners, and take out any keys you might have hidden around the house. You will also need to take the garage remote control out of your car, and leave it for the new owners.

Once all the boxes and items have been moved into the moving trucks, gather your family in one place, and load everybody into the car – make sure you do not forget pets. It is important to ensure that everyone has a small bag in which they have packed their essentials (toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, towels, a change of clothes, etc), so no one has to root through the numerous boxes to look for things at the new house. You should also ensure that your cell phone is charged, and that you have the charger with you, in case you need it.

Before leaving, give the whole house a last going-over, make sure the moving van has the address of your new house so they know where to go, and provide the movers your cell phone number, so they can contact you should the need arise. Ideally, you should aim to reach the new house before the movers get there, so you can direct them and make sure they put the boxes and items exactly where you need them.

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