Welcome to our renting guide. This guide covers all the ins-and-outs of renting in Canada. In this guide our experts have shared their top tips for renting to help tenants find the best property according to their lifestyle. This guide consists of nine basic sections, that give you a detailed insight into almost every aspect of renting from a tenant’s point of view – from advantages of renting to finding a suitable place to moving in and out of a rented apartment. Read through our renting guide and find your ideal rental apartment in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of Renting a House

This section contains all the advantages that can make a person prefer property renting over property buying, including fewer monthly outgoings, low maintenance cost and flexibility to move out. Go through the article and you to find several other tempting benefits of renting.

Finding a Place to Rent

The first step in finding the best property to rent is to understand your needs as a tenant. Think about the type of property you want to rent and which best suits your lifestyle.

Renting Privately or through an Agent

While you can rent privately as well as through an agent, bear in mind that like any other property business (buying or selling), renting can also be a risky dealing. Read this articles and learn how to hire and handle letting agents. It also includes other important information that you need when searching for a place to rent.

Viewing Rental Property

With our expert advice on viewing, learn to ask the right questions from the landlord or his agent when viewing a place and make the most of the opportunity.

Finding the Right Place

Good places rent out fast, so you need to be a bit more proactive to put yourself at the front of the queue. Our guide lists all the important steps you need to follow to get ahead of the rest to secure the best place to rent.

Rental Payments & Budgeting 

Your monthly income is limited so you need to have a clear picture of your revenues and expenditure to make sure you easily pay your rental payments. Go through this article to understand which costs are included in your monthly rental payments.

Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

It is important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant even before you start searching for a unit to rent. Learn your rights and responsibilities and live a tension free life in your home sweet home.

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