Students studying away from home need to start looking for accommodation after their first year at university, and need to take several factors into account, including their choice of flat/house mates and the selection of an accommodation from options like flats, houses and private halls. While it is important to carefully consider how you live and who you live with, the location of your accommodation is, at times, even more important.

Needless to say, the best student accommodations are picked up by the early birds, and you should start looking for one during your first year at University. You should be looking at student towns and cities – locations which are preferred by students and offer all the facilities they need. Discuss with your friends, classmates and university administration to know more about these locations and people you need to contact.

Student towns and cities have considerable benefits over other regions and will make your student life a lot easier. These regions are centrally connected and have proper transport facilities which students can avail. Being a student, you will be traveling a lot between your university, your accommodation and any places you work at, proper transport facilities will allow you to move about easily and on the cheap. These student cities are also located near recognized universities, helping you save time and money on transport.

If you are staying on your own, you will also need to get your own groceries and other necessities, for which it is important that your accommodation is not too far from market centers and convenience stores. If you are located farther away from markets, you will also face transportation issues in order to take your purchases from the store to your accommodation.

Moreover, as a student, you will benefit from living nearby other students, which will allow you to meet up regularly and hold group study sessions. Student towns and cities are excellent for this, since you will be surrounded by other students like you and can interact with them freely and conveniently.

However, there are downsides to student towns and cities as well. Firstly, since they are mainly concentrated with students, the noise levels are generally high. Do not expect silent and serene surroundings when you opt for a location bustling with students. Furthermore, unfortunately, student cities and towns face high crime rates, which is something you should consider before selecting a location for accommodation.

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