While many students start looking for flats and houses to rent with friends for their second year accommodation in University, private halls are a feasible alternative, and can be better in many ways, provided you don’t mind spending a little more money. Getting a house to share with friends has its advantages, but at the end of the day, it is still a house; you will need to get a broadband connection, perhaps purchase a television, divide the space equally between all the tenants, designate duties like laundry and then look after the property itself. Furthermore, when sharing accommodation with friends, you can’t necessarily pick and choose facilities. You can’t always have a room you prefer, appliances you require or the privacy you need – private halls solve all these problems.

Private halls are built especially to accommodate students – they allow you to share flats with a couple of friends or live solo if you want more privacy. Nearly all private halls offer flats with the option of choosing size and floor – if you want to truly enjoy your stay, you can opt for a studio, which will have everything you require (including a small kitchen), but will cost a lot more.

Moreover, high speed broadband connections are available throughout, so you don’t have to worry about getting a connection or calling for repairs if something goes wrong. Satellite television services are generally available, alongside pre-installed television sets (if you require). Most private halls also offer onsite services which include laundry, secure parking lots and general security and if that is not enough, there are others which offer luxury facilities like gyms and spas.

When you compare the luxury and convenience of private halls with shared accommodation in a house or a flat, private halls are definitely better. You don’t really have to worry about housework or chores (except for cleaning your own space), cooking, laundry, security and maintenance. This also means you can spend your time more productively and focus completely on your studies, rather than having to maintain a complete residence. Furthermore, you won’t be running into trouble with your flat/house mates on account of duties and responsibilities – you pick and choose the facilities you want to be part of the rental agreement and simply pay one bill, inclusive of all charges. However, in the end, it all comes down to your budget – if you can afford private halls, they are certainly more convenient than other options.

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