Noise Complaint Letter to Tenant

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Being a landlord is not just about collecting rent and profiting from your property. Landlords in Canada, much like other countries, have several responsibilities and duties towards their tenants. Likewise, a landlord is also responsible for some of the actions of his/her tenants, and is expected to take measures to address them. One of the most common complaints landlords receive on account of their tenants are those related to noise. If you have a noisy tenant, and get complaints from neighbors, you should shoot a warning letter to the tenant in question.

The letter needs to be direct and to the point, but not overly harsh. A rare incident does not merit strict language and you should begin the letter by politely pointing out the number of complaints you have received.

In the body of the letter you can point out related clauses in the lease agreement and formally warn the tenant against future complaints. The tenant should realize that you will be forced to take appropriate measures if he/she fails to heed this warning.

Finally, you should end the letter on a positive note and offer any assistance the tenant may require. However, make sure the tenant has no confusion as to the purpose of the letter and takes it seriously.

Sample Noise Complaint Letter to Tenant

Dear Mr. Henry,

It is very unfortunate that I have been receiving noise complaints against you from your neighbors. While I ignored the first two instances, there were two more complaints recently, on June 17 and 19, and according to your neighbors, you were constantly playing loud music throughout the night on these dates.

I would like to point out clause 7(i) on your lease agreement which strictly discourages against such behavior and disturbance. You have been a responsible tenant so far and I would not like to take any strict measures or evict you from the property. However, if I receive any more complaints from your neighbors, I will be bound to take appropriate action.

You are free to invite guests to your place and entertain them, but you also need to realize that you are living in a residential area and should respect the rights of your neighbors. I hope this warning letter will suffice and you will be much more careful in the future.

If you have any concerns or complaints, please feel free to contact me.


James Gordon

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