Our student renting guide has everything you need to know when it is time for you to find accommodation for your stay in Canada. As a student, you need to be particular about your needs and requirements when selecting a suitable property. Along with following our guide, you should also consult your student union or council for further guidance and advice.

Living with a Roommate

Renting a place with friends is a great idea. You get to spend time with the people you like and save money on your daily expenses. However, you need to carefully consider which of your friends you should live with, since you are going to be spending at least a year with them.

Private Student Halls

Private halls provide an alternative for students requiring accommodation and are often better than renting flats or houses. They offer a lot of facilities and are set up specifically to facilitate students. However, they cost more, and you should carefully weigh your needs before you make a decision.

Best Places for Students to Live

The location of the property is as important as the property itself. You need to make sure you rent a property which is located near transport hubs and allows you to travel freely and safely. Moreover, you will need a property which is close to a supermarket or convenience store.

Affordable Student Housing

While every student wants the best accommodation, your expectations and choices should be based on your budget and what you can afford. The rent does not cover everything and you have to take into account several other expenses when you are planning your finances.

Viewing Tips for Students

It is important for you and your future housemates to visit all the properties you shortlist and inspect them thoroughly. It is recommended that you consider whether each property has passed the mandatory safety assessments and provides for the basic necessities and features you require.

Finalize the Deal

After finalizing everything and finding a suitable property it is important that you secure it for yourself. This is commonly done by paying a holding fee, which grants you a time period between which you will need to formally move in and pay the first month’s rent or the security deposit. You need to be aware of the terms of any agreement you sign and its implications.

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