Make a Small Bedroom Look Larger

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If you feel your bedroom is too small, you won’t feel very comfortable in it, let alone relax after a tiring day at work. Most of the times, it’s not just the physical space that is your problem, but the arrangement of your room as well. Following a few simple techniques, you can make even a small bedroom appear larger and more comforting.

De-clutter and clean your bedroom

The first thing you need to do is de-clutter your bedroom. The more objects you have lying around in the room, the smaller it will appear. Efficient use of space is very important when you don’t have much. Remove all unnecessary objects from the room and shift them to a storage area. Only retain objects you need on a daily basis. Your room’s cleanliness is also very important. You should regularly dust it and make sure you make your bed after getting up – an organized room looks much bigger compared to a messy one.

Select practical furniture

Thin-frame furniture is the best choice for small rooms. Thin frames are not only minimalistic, but also provide ample storage space. You can either get nightstands or long cabinets for either side of your bed to store your essential clothing items. Don’t go for lavish or luxurious furniture for a small room if you want to make it appear large.

Utilizing corners is also very important. You should look into getting a corner sofa bed, which will not take up the centre of your room, freeing up more space. Moreover, you can place couches under windows and use the walls in the room for shelves in order to free up floor space.

Consider colors and lighting

Colors are very important when it comes to the general feel of your room. Darker colors make a room appear smaller and closed in. Go for lighter colors, especially for your ceiling, to give the illusion of space. Natural light is also very important to lift a room’s appearance and make it appear spacious and comfortable.

Get an appropriate television

If you really want a television in your room, you should opt for a flat-screen set which can be mounted on a wall. However, such screens are generally expensive, and if you have no option but to get a traditional television set, consider getting a wall-mounted shelf to place it on. Alternatively, if you have a computer in the room, you can set it up to work as a television as well.

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