How do you Subdivide a Property

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Subdividing a property means creating two different titles from one property by dividing it, both physically and legally. You might want to sell off part of your property, or break it up into separate entities for any reason. However, you will need to strictly follow all rules and regulations stipulated by your local development authority. Keep reading to find out the general procedure for subdividing your property.

Ascertain the property’s title

Before you subdivide a property, it is important that you find out if there are any third party rights or liens on it. Get a title search done for the property to find out all rights and claims on it.

Find out the local laws and regulations related to land specifications and zoning

Your local development authority would have defined limits, rules and regulations regarding zoning and plotting. There must be a minimum and maximum size for lots and specific applications you might need to fill before you can start the subdivision process.

Consult a construction engineer or architect for planning the process

The number of divisions, structure of the utility lines, need for additional streets or roads – all these concerns should be discussed with a professional engineer before you begin the process.

Have the land surveyed

Hiring the services of a land surveyor will benefit you because the surveyor will stake out the divisions and create a map, marking all utility lines, streets and driveways etc. Having a certified survey on your person will also help you if any legal battles arise in the future over the divided land.

Acquire a planning permit from your local development authority

In order to start the project, you will need to get a planning permit from the local authority. You will most likely be required to put forward a formal application for the permit, which will also include related fees, depending on the size and location of the property. Moreover, you will need to submit your land title and the map or plan you had the land surveyor chalk out for you.

Start work after getting approval from the development authority

If the development authority has any reservations regarding your plan, you will need to address them and submit the amended plans before they can be approved. If your subdivision has environmental implications, you might be required to get clearance from your local health department before you can proceed. Once you get all related approvals, you can begin working on the project.

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