How to Hire a House Painter

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If the paint of your house is chipping and peeling, it’s probably the time to apply a new coat of paint. You can easily paint your house yourself, but if you don’t have enough time or the project is just too big, simply hire a professional painter. Continue reading to make the hiring process as hassle-free as possible.

Decide the color and type of paint

Before you start search for a house painter, you need to make a few basic decisions, such as what type of paint you want to use and the color combination of your choice. Also estimate of the area that you want to get painted. The area in square footage will give the painter a fair idea of how big your house is.

Seek multiple quotes

After having decided the color and type of paint and estimating the square footage of your home, contact several house painters in your area for quotes. You should always get several quotes since rates differ widely from one painter to another. Almost all painters and painting companies provide their potential clients with free written estimate of painting cost. This estimate will include the details of the painter’s fee, expenses on paint and other expenditures. The estimate and the fee of the painter are not written in stone, you can always negotiate the estimated cost keeping in mind your budgetary limit.

Questions to ask from the painters

Some questions that you must ask the prospective painters when they give you your quote are: How many coats does it cover? Does this quote include all preparation work and clean up? What additional expenses could raise cost of project? Do you have insurance and what does it cover? Ask the painters to create a timeline for the entire project.

Check References

Also, in your interview, make sure that they are experienced painters who have worked on similar projects in the past. Painters usually keep a portfolio of completed work and give their clients a list of references. Check with several references to make sure you are hiring the services of the right man/company.

Some important questions you should ask references are: Did the painter finish the job within the timeframe he originally estimated? Was the painter cooperative and respectful of your home and property? Did he clean up well after the job was finished?

Make the final choice

Now as you have your estimate as well information about the painter, you can easily make the final choice about your new house painter.

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