How to Build a Porch Swing

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Having swings in porches is an old concept which is still pretty much alive all over the world. If you have a small garden just near the porch then what better way to enjoy the scenery than to sit on a swing. Having a swing in the Canadian winters might not be the best of ideas, but since you want to install one, keep reading.

Measure the area

The first step is to measure the area where you want to install the swing. Proper measurements will give the exact idea just how much space is required and how long your swing needs to be.

Determine the seat depth

You need to determine the depth of the seat and the back height, then measure the length on 2-by-4 studs and mark it with the help of a marker or a pencil. Now by laying the board on the sawhorses, you need to cut six supports out of the 2-by-4 on the marks which were earlier made. By doing so you will have three supported to for the front and three for the back. You need to connect a seat support and a back support by using two carriage bolts, two nuts and four washers on every section.

Determine the length you want the swing to be

You now need to finalise the length of the swing. Determine the length the slates need to be on the planks. Now cut the planks with the help by using the circular saw. The number of planks will entirely depend on the seat depth and the back support height. You should use a sander on the planks.

Install four eye bolts

You now need to install four eye bolts in the swing with two of these going in the outer back supports of the swing and the rest to the armrest supports. Position the eyebolts so that they are facing down towards the ground. Now take the chain and connect it eye bolts firmly.

Eye bolts go into the ceiling

The final part requires the eye bolts going into the ceiling of the porch. You need to locate the ceiling joists and install the eye bolts with the help of a drill. Use a pair of pliers to twist the eye bolts in the ceiling. Finally just connect the top ends of the chains to the eye bolts. These steps are enough to install a decent sized swing.

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