Converting a Shed into a Home

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 Due to the increasing cost of living every year, people – in an effort to save money – are now turning to smaller houses. A small family can easily adjust in a small facility the size of a shed. The only problem in such houses is that you actually have to consider the size of everything before installing it in the house.

Contact your local municipality

The first step before doing anything else is to visit your local municipality and see what sort of permits are required before you start converting your shed into a home. Your municipality will be able to guide you regarding the legal procedures required to convert your shed into a home.

Get necessary utility connections

You need to bring the necessary utilities such as water, sewerage pipes and electricity right to your shed. It is suggested that you hire professional contractors to oversee the sewer lines and make sure that they are placed at the proper depth and angle.

Set the base of the shed

You now need to set the shed on solid foundation, preferably on a concrete slab. It is crucial that you make sure the casino grading is appropriate around the shed in order to prevent water from puddling under it. Canadian rains and snow can become a major problem here if you are not careful. You need to install a corner toilet and a small shower inside or outside the shed as well.

Get electrical wiring

You now need to have the wiring done in the shed in order to have electricity, for which it is preferred that you hire a professional electrician. Once the walls and roof are properly canadian casino news finished, only then will the lights be installed. The wiring will not take long since sheds are small in size and your contractor should have all the work done in a day.

Add Windows

If you feel that you need proper windows in the shed, discuss them with your contractor. Frame the windows in and then secure them properly to keep out the moisture. You can also install a new door with a lock for more security.

Insulate the shed

It is recommended that you insulate the roof and the walls of the shed. You also need to insulate the floor, for which it is recommended that you use one inch of polystyrene foam and a concrete board on top of the floor. Now just lay a carpet on it to finish it off.

You can add cupboards and counters in the shed as well, other furniture can also be added according to available space and taste.

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