House Rental Agreement Template

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This house rental agreement is being entered into by (name of tenant) and (name of landlord) on this (date) day of (month and year).

  • Property: The property referred to in this agreement is a house, located on (complete address of the house). The house has (number of rooms, washrooms and halls if any) and includes (any pre-installed appliances) which are in perfect working condition.
  • Terms of the lease: (Name of tenant) will be renting the house detailed above from (date) onwards for a period of (months/years) and will be entitled to enjoy full possession of the house during the rental period.
  • Payment: (Name of tenant) will be paying $1000 as security deposit upon the execution of this agreement and shall continue making payments of $1000 on the first of every month as rent for the house. Payment can only be made in cash or with a personal check named for (name of landlord).
  • Notice of termination: (Name of tenant) should inform (name of landlord) about termination of lease at least one month in advance in order to recover the security deposit.
  • Deposit refunds: (Name of landlord) will refund the initial deposit in its entirety within 15 days of the termination of this rental agreement. Payment will be made either in cash or with a personal check.
  • Duties:

                 i.    Condition of property: (Name of tenant) will be responsible for properly cleaning the house, the rooms, washrooms and the attached appliances, along with maintaining the front lawn.

                ii.    Repairs: (Name of landlord) can enter the house at reasonable times to inspect it and make any repairs necessary.

                iii.    Smoking: (Name of tenant) shall not smoke inside the house and will only use the designated smoking areas.

  • Obligations:

                i.    Lost and stolen items: (Name of landlord) shall not be held liable for any loss or theft of items or personal belongings.

                ii.    Extra charges and Damages: (Name of tenant) shall provide (Name of landlord) details of an active credit card to be charged in case (name of tenant) damages any property or leaves any unpaid dues (including but not limited to third-party services). (Name of landlord) will provide receipts of any such expenses before charging the credit card.

  • Governing Law: This agreement is to be governed under the laws of (state/city) and by signing this agreement, both parties agree that any legal dispute arising out of this arrangement shall be resolved in accordance with the law.
  • Indemnification: By signing this agreement, (name of tenant) consents to exclude the homeowner from any liability arising for personal injury or property damage related to (name of tenant) and any persons invited by him/her to the house.
  • Entire agreement: This agreement constitutes all the terms and conditions agreed upon, which override all other oral or written agreements related to the same property.

Signature (Name of tenant)                                                                                        Signature (Name of landlord)

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