How to Make Your House a Home

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Contrary to what you may believe there is a difference between a house and a home. A house is nothing more than a building, a structure and a place for people to live in. A home on the other hand, is very personal, you can identify with the place and it has memories for you. Home is where you feel comfortable, happy and free to do what you want and be who you are. When you go house-hunting, all you buy is a structure, a building, which then needs to be transformed in to a home for the people who live there.

Get what makes you feel comfortable

It is not always possible for you to find or get exactly what you want. Even if the house you purchase is not exactly award worthy in terms of design and interior, it is good enough if you feel comfortable being yourself in it. Your own space allows you to think and act the way you want, and should reflect the person you are. If your house has top of the line interior decoration, but it does not represent you or make you feel warm and comfortable, you can’t call it your home.

Set it up how you want

Don’t allow your own preferences to be overshadowed by general opinion or trends. If you want to lay out all your stuff in the living room, do so. What one person may consider clutter, can be equally engaging for another. The house is where YOU live, and it should be how YOU like it. All the things you regularly use and need should be easily accessible and the objects in the house should reflect your personal taste.

Have room for gatherings

Getting together with friends and family members is important, even if you are not a very social person. Being in a group or gathering gives you a sense of belonging and identity, and in order to make your house a home, you need to be comfortable with having your dear ones over and spending time in your house. Have fun and enjoy yourself, because the memories you gather over time will make the house a special place for you.

Experiment with your house

A lot of people set up their houses and then spend years living in the same routines. A lot of factors, including the structure of free space, flow of light and colors can influence your mood and emotions. You should mix things up a bit every now and then and experiment with different setups to find one that you like the most. In the end, making a home out of a house is all about personalizing it according to your preferences.

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