Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

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With the culmination of a long hard winter comes the bloom of spring, and the need to clean out the entire house in order to prepare it for the increasingly warm weather ahead. Undertaking a thorough inspection and cleaning of your entire home is recommended in order to ensure the upkeep of the house, and increase your home’s value. There are 5 essential tasks that you must perform the moment the snow melts and spring rolls around, not only for the sake of home maintenance, but also for your own comfort.

Check the A/C

It is essential to give your air conditioning system a tune-up at the start of each spring season, not only for the effective running of the air conditioners but also for the sake of lowering your energy bills. If possible, have your air conditioning system tuned by a HVAC contractor who is well-qualified, and associated with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It is also important to check the condensate drain hose regularly – if this gets blocked by moss or algae, the contractor will charge you extra to clean it out. You can keep it clean yourself by using a wet-vac.

Roofs and Gutters

Roof shingles need to be kept in good shape, and the best time to inspect and fix them is once winter is over and warmer weather is on the horizon. The summer sun can do plenty of damage to roof shingles, so make sure you have a contractor over to have a look at your roof, and clean out all the debris that might have accumulated. The gutters also need to be inspected – check to see if they are attached, free of leaks, and direct water away from the foundations of the house.

Right the Foundation

Have a good look at the foundations of your house before the spring showers begin. Any cracks need to be filled, and imperfections need to be fixed, so if you spot any of these, have a contractor over to take care of them.  You should also look into getting the area around the foundation, and the lawn in general, levelled, so that no rain water can collect in the depressions, and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Seal the Deck

Owners of patio decks should consider getting the deck resealed if they observe any warping, discoloration, or stains. Resealing is recommended on an annual basis, and you can also check the condition of the wood, to make sure it isn’t rotting or splintered. Ensure that there are no nails sticking out of the deck, and that the stairs and railings are fixed and not wobbly

Ready the Soil

The start of spring is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the approaching warm weather. Most planting is done in spring – rake away dead leaves, loosen up the soil using a hoe, and mix in compost, to make the soil rich and fertile.

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