Little Improvements Equal Big Returns

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When putting a house up for sale, it is essential to take some time and money out to spruce up the house, and make it look more attractive in order to draw in potential buyers and get the best possible deal. This does not need to be a costly, or overly time-consuming process – by paying attention to detail, and having a couple of little improvements done, you can maximize the look and potential of your house, and get a top dollar deal.

Exterior Appearance

Start by power washing the entire exterior of the house, to get rid of the stains, dirt, and grime that might have accumulated. Get the paint touched up, and clean out the garage, so that everything appears neat and orderly – you will also need to scrub the driveway and use a hose on it to get rid of any oil spills. Finally, focus on your garden – weed and mow the grass, keep the hedges and shrubs neat and trimmed, and make it look more attractive by planting colourful, inexpensive flowers.

At the Front Door

Making the front door of your home look attractive and inviting is a great way to earn the approval and admiration of home buyers. Have your front door repainted and varnished, and if the door knob is old, have a new one installed. Make sure the doorbell is in working order, and have any cracked or broken windows and screens repaired. You will also need to ensure that the porch and foyer are both clean – all this will go a long way in improving the overall look of your house.


Tackling any repairs is essential if you want to get top dollar for your home. Make sure all the light bulbs in the house are in working order – replace the ones that do not work. Have all your windows cleaned, as well as the furnace and filters. Use oil to fix squeaking doors, and repair any squeaking floorboards. In the bathrooms, ensure that there are no leaking toilets or faucets, and check whether the seals around sinks and tubs are in order. Finally, have any cracked plaster fixed, and have the rooms repainted or touched up, as per requirements.

Squeaky Clean

In most cases, a thorough cleaning is the best way to enhance the look of a house, and take it from drab to fabulous. Make sure your kitchen is spotless – scrub all the floors and counters until they shine, and clean the stove and refrigerator both inside and out. Similarly, the bathrooms need to be cleaned and freshened up too. If you have a laundry, make sure your washer and dryer are spotless. Sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets, have drapes and window blinds cleaned, and eliminate any stains or pet odors inside the house.

Create a Buying Mood

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere in the interior, to encourage potential home buyers to make a lucrative offer. Turn all the lights on, and if it is day time, open all the drapes to allow the natural light to flatter your home. Make sure the heater or air conditioner is turned on (as per the weather), and if it is winter, light the fireplace to create a warm, cosy atmosphere. It is also essential to make sure your home smells fresh, clean, and subtly fragrant – this will add to its charm.

Create Space

Give your house a breezy, spacious look, to make it more attractive. Remove any superfluous pieces of furniture, and make sure there is no clutter in the hallways or on the stairs. Dispose of empty boxes and containers, and make sure all your closets and cabinets are tidy and in order (get rid of unnecessary items and clothing). Make sure the kitchen is clutter-free too – clear the countertops of appliances, and do not leave anything on the stove.

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