How to Write a Tenant Complaint Letter

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When planning to rent an apartment, one needs to be very thorough before moving in and make sure that everything is in order; however, it is possible that you might face issues later on, related to repair or maintenance, and might feel the need to write a complaint letter. If the landlord declines to respond then you can always contact your territory’s Consumer Complaint department in Canada. However, it is preferred that all issues are mutually resolved between the landlords and their tenants.

Always address the letter correctly

The most important thing to remember here is that you need to place the full name and mailing address right at the top left of the page. When renting from an individual, then his or her name and address should be mentioned in this space, and when you are renting from a company then the name online casino and address of the property manager should come here. In case you do not have the address of the person concerned, make a simple telephone call to the company and ask for the information.

Date the letter

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the placement of the date, you can either align it to the left, to the centre or to the right. It can also go above or below the addressee’s name and address. Dating the letter validates your complaint and is good for record-keeping.

Be formal

It is important that you address the recipient formally, for example, “Dear Mr. Smith” instead of “Dear Steve” or “Dear Jack”.

However, only if you are close or on first name basis with the recipient then choose a less formal approach. When addressing a woman who is married, you need to use Mrs., and a single woman needs be addressed as Miss. However, if you are not sure about her marital status then you can address her as Ms.

Open with an impressive paragraph

You should introduce yourself and clearly indicate the reason for writing the letter, for example, “I am writing to you today in regard to the rental property located at (provide the address of the property you rent), and some problems I am having as a tenant of said property.”

Get to the problem

After the opening paragraph it is recommended that you get to the main point which is the problem or the problems you want the landlord to address.

A good closing

Close your letter with a thank you in advance.

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