Buying Land to Build a House

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In Canada the costs between building and an existing home are fairly close. However, building your own house gives you the advantage of choosing your own floor plan, and all the furnishing. The land on which you want to build the house holds the most importance, and while in some countries people prefer to buy homes, in others people give preference to land instead of the build, and after purchasing the land they can actually build a house according to their own desire and requirements.


You need to know how much money you can afford to spend on buying the land. Without this, there is no point in going out because you will never be able to close a deal. First, sit down and check your financial status. If you plan on getting a loan, apply for one and wait for approval.


Location is the most important aspect when buying land. If you are planning to spend big then you should search for land in and around expensive localities. However, if there is a limit to what you can actually spend, try looking at emerging neighborhoods, since land is cheaper there.

Basic utilities near the property

Your land needs to be at a location where basic utilities like water, gas electric, phone and television cables are available. There is no point in buying a piece of land without the basic facilities. Keep all your needs in mind before you decide to purchase a particular plot of land.

Hire a realtor

You should hire a real estate agent with a good reputation so that the process of finding land for your house becomes much easier. Real estate agents have a very effective network which helps them find an appropriate property for their clients in a matter of days.

Personally inspect the land

Once you locate an appropriate property, it is important that you personally conduct an inspection by walking from the front to the back, which will help you get a feel of the terrain. What might look like a levelled piece of property could actually require additional grading because of being sloped. A thorough walk will help you catch this flaw in the land. It is recommended that you take a contractor with you so that he or she can give you an exact assessment of the amount of money that will be needed to prepare the land for construction.

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