How to Renovate Your Basement

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Living in Canada, a warm basement is just the place you need to avoid the breezy winter outside. Renovating your basement is an excellent way to add more space to your house. If proper planning is done, it can actually be a good way to add one or two rooms, and accommodate your growing family needs.


The first step is to decide the purpose for which you will be renovating the basement. This will help you in figuring out what type of lighting you want, how many phone jacks, internet jacks and electrical outlets you require, and if any additional wiring would be required by you before renovating the walls. Here you need to know that in case you are looking to make an extra living room for the family, then you will not require any complicated lighting or additional wiring. However, in case you plan on converting your basement into an office or a home theatre, then you would need to hire a professional electrician to install the wiring and sockets.

Decide the finishing of the basement

You need to envision the finished form of the basement. You can either decide to go for the traditional way by using drywall and lumber, or think about making use of the basement finishing kits. It is recommended that instead of trying it on your own, hire a professional to drywall the basement. This will increase your total cost, but will ensure quality as far as your room finish is concerned.

Choosing the colours

After the walls are completed, you now need to carpet and paint the walls of your new room/rooms. Colour is very important as you need to choose one which complements the purpose and the lighting. Always choose the best quality paints as cheap paints do not last long and within one year you will need to get the walls painted again. Basements are always very cold so it is best advised that you use a plush carpet which can insulate the floor.


Furnishing is another very important aspect of the renovation, and often requires quite a lot of money. If you are low on budget, and don’t want to shell out a major sum for this purpose, then it is suggested that you visit a warehouse to buy used or returned items at low costs. You can easily find tables, chairs, lamps, and even artwork for the walls.

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