How to Build a Dance Studio at Home

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Do you want to have your very own dance studio where you can practice your moves or have fun with friends? Here are a few simple and economical tips that can help you build a dance studio at home.

Choose the place

Start by choosing the place for the dance studio in your house. It is recommended to pick a space that is not in the way of everything, since you may be blasting music and this may disturb your family members. An isolated garage or a detached storage room are ideal to build a dance studio, but make sure you will be able to access it in bad weather as well. Basements also make excellent choices for such projects. If you are picking a space near your living area then make sure it is either soundproof or can be made soundproof without much effort. Moreover, avoid a room with lots of windows as your neighbours may be able to see you dancing at night.

Lay a wooden floor

Never dance on a concrete surface, it may damage your knees and joints. If you are converting a garage into a dance studio, replace its concrete floor with wood flooring. You can lay a wooden floor yourself or hire a professional to install it. Consider lamination as an economic wood alternative, and the best thing about it is that it also provides adequate cushioning. You may also want to top your wooden floor with a layer of Marley.

Hang mirrors along one wall

Every dance floor has flooring to ceiling mirrors at least on one wall. Consider hanging mirrors along the plain wall of your dance studio. This will add a sense of space to the studio and you will also enjoy the realistic feel of a dancing room. Hanging mirrors can be purchased online from a dance supply website. You can install these mirrors yourself or hire some professional to help you install them.

Build ballet barres

Consider building ballet barres along the wall opposite to the mirrors. These barres can be used for stretches and other muscle strengthening exercises. Barres can be easily found at a dance store, but if your budget does not allow you to purchase expensive barres from the dance store, then handrails and brackets are the inexpensive alternatives.

Add a stereo system

Finish the project by installing a portable stereo into the studio. Your stereo does not need to be anything too fancy, all that would matter is the quality of sound. Pop in CDs or connect your MP3 player, turn up the volume and start dancing.

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