How to Buy a Duplex in Canada

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Duplexes in Canada are considerably more popular as compared to the United States, and are available on affordable prices throughout the country. You just need to know what your requirements are and how much cash you have before finding a duplex.

Check out the neighbourhood

When buying a duplex, the neighbourhood holds considerable importance. If you are uncomfortable with the locality, you need to walk away no matter how lovely the duplex is. If you are going to invest, you need to make sure your investment will pay dividends later on. However, the better the neighbourhood the higher the price will be, so if you are looking for a cheap duplex, then expect a neighborhood to go with it.

Prefer upswing areas

It is highly recommended that you buy a place in an upswing locality. These developing areas soon become an attraction for everyone and have all the basic needs and conveniences nearby. While you can sneak in when the prices are low, rest assured the prices will rise once the place has been fully developed.

Choose normal Duplexes instead of something very weird

No matter how hard a realtor pushes you to buy a duplex with a weird design, do not listen and make sure you invest you money into something more normal looking. Bedrooms without closets, bathrooms that split into two rooms, awkward parking place, and bedrooms accessible through another bedroom are some of the things that you should be avoiding.

Select a place which you can improve easily

You need to have an eye for perfection to buy a duplex. See to it that you purchase a place which is structurally sound, and requires only a few cosmetic updates. If your duplex needs more work, you will have to hire professional help, which will not come without a price, so be intelligent at the start and avoid these extra bills by making the right choice.

Pay attention to the appliances

It is crucial to pay attention to all the appliances installed in the duplex because some appliances can cost you a lot in repairs. For instance, if a furnaces needs to be replaced, it will be expensive. If any appliances look old or out of order, do not buy the duplex, at least till the time the previous owner fixes the appliances or fixtures..

Get an inspector

Get an inspection of the duplex done by a professional and only make the final purchase if the places is cleared by your inspector.

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