Home Maintenance for the Fall

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Each season homes undergo changes due to weather conditions and temperatures. Besides the weather, aging and human abuse also affect the condition of your home. In order to keep all components of your home running properly, and to avoid major repairs, it is necessary to prepare your house for a season before it begins, and to conduct seasonal maintenance at the end of each season. The best time to prepare your home for the chilly winter months is during the middle of summers.

Examine your roof/gutters/downspouts for debris:

Start the seasonal maintenance for fall from your roof, since it is the place that will bear the maximum burden when snow accumulates. Remove dry leaves, pine needles and other debris from the roof gutters, and inspect the drain spots for damage or loose pieces. Examine the chimney and the roof for any openings that could cause leaking problems during heavy rains and snowfall.

Examine the grounds of your property:

After examining the roof, examine the driveway, walkways and entryway for cracks and loose material. Fix all the flaws before the ground is covered with snow and the areas become slippery.

Change the filters in your home:

If you have a central air conditioning system, changing air filter on regular basis is crucial to make sure the atmosphere inside remains pleasant. If you have window AC units installed in the rooms, it is better to remove all of them at the start of fall. However, if you do not want to remove the units, place a waterproof cover over them to prevent damage. You should also consider changing filters from fans, stove vents and dryers.

Repair leaky faucets

Thoroughly examine your home’s water supply system to spot any leakages. Repair all the leakages, since the time and money spent on leaky faucets and pipes is far less than replacing a broken pipe in the dead of winter.

Prepare your fireplace:

Some people prefer lighting a fire over central heating to keep the house cosy during the fall and winter months. If you wish to use your fireplace, you will need to prepare it well in advance. Discard old ashes and un-burnt wood pieces after cleaning the fireplace. You should also make sure that the damper is open to let air move freely through the chimney. Do not forget to check the damper handle and springs to make sure they are operating properly. If your chimney requires a cleanup, hire a professional chimney sweep.

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