Ways to Break an Apartment Lease

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Apartment leases are always set for a fixed period of time and neither the landlord nor the tenant is allowed to break the lease under normal circumstances. If you terminate the lease prematurely, you may be subject to a substantial financial penalty. Usually the landlords deduct the amount from the security deposit. The idea of losing this type of money usually holds the tenants from moving out, despite having a strong desire to do so.

Did you ever know there are ways that can help you move out of the rental unit before your lease expires and without paying a penalty? If not, then you have certainly arrived at the right place.

Thoroughly read and understand the lease

To break an apartment lease without a penalty, you should know exactly what is written in the contract you had signed with your landlord before moving in. Take out your lease agreement and read it thoroughly to find out if there is any provision that can strengthen your case. If you don’t have a copy of lease, you can request your landlord or leasing office to give you a copy of this contract.

Note down the provisions that go in your favor

While breaking a lease is unlawful and the responsible party has to pay penalties, there are some reasons that allow you to legitimately terminate the agreement. These reasons are written into your lease agreement, you just need to find them. One major reason that allows you to break the lease straightaway is that the landlord is not making repairs in time or he/she is invading your privacy. Some other reasons that generally apply to most cases include job relocation, unexpected unemployment, sudden injury or ailment. It is a good idea to have a notebook and pen next to you so that you can note down all the points going in your favor.

Draw up a letter to your landlord

Once you have found enough reasons to legitimately break your lease then write a letter to your landlord to inform him about your decision. State that the reason behind your decision to break the lease is written in the found. Use professional language, no matter how steamed you are at your landlord. Send the letter to your landlord through a certified mail, while keeping a copy of letter with you for record. Clearly mention your scheduled move out date in the letter.

Move out  of apartment

Have the rental unit ready to evacuate about a week before the move out day. This will give you enough time to clean the apartment and repair any damages.

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