Sample Real Estate Sales Contract

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When finalising any deal in real estate you are required to sign a contract which will make the transaction legal. The real estate contract is not complicated and you can easily fill it on your own or can take help from your realtor/lawyer.

[My Rob] (“Buyer”) and [Miss Amber] (“Seller”) enter into this Real Estate Sale Agreement (“insert the title of the agreement”) for the following described real property:

Which is commonly known as: [house number 24-7]

1. Terms of Payment. These terms are agreed by the parties concerned as under:

a. The purchasing price of the property is $[insert the amount of the accepted offer].

b. The money shall be delivered by the buyer to the seller in the following amount $[insert the amount of earnest money agreed upon] no later than five (2) days from today.

c. Earnest money will be delivered to [] at [Bridgetown street], so that the money is held in trust till the time this Agreement is fully executed or terminated by one or both the the parties.

d. As of the delivery of the deed, all property taxes, determined on the date of closing, will be divided between Buyer and Seller.

2. Easement and restrictions. Any easements or restrictions need to be mentioned for the smooth execution of the contract need to be mentioned here.

3. Included Property. [ You need to list and describe all the property included).

4. Home Inspection. It is obligatory online casinos for the buyer to pay for a home inspection which shall be conducted before closing. If the home inspection reveals from major flaws only then a renegotiation of this agreement shall occur, which will cost more than $[insert amount], individually, to repair. According to this contract the buyer will be responsible for all repairs, which do not cost  more than $300, individually.

5. Financing. This agreement is dependent on the Buyer being able to secure $[insert the amount to be mortgaged], from [insert the name of the mortgage company].

6. Disclosures. [ Any disclosures which need to be made public before the deal].

7. If either party fails to comply with this contract, he or she will be in default, and the other party may (a) enforce specific performance, seek such other relief as may be provided by law, or both, or (b) terminate this contract and receive the earnest money as liquidated damages, thereby releasing both parties from this contract.

8. Closing. [Insert closing information].





[Miss Amber]

[Mr. Rob]

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ____ day of ______________ 20______.


Notary Public

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