How to Start Cleaning a Dirty House

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Cleaning a messy house seems to be a daunting task, especially when you have things scattered all over. Before you start cleaning your home however, you will have to organize things following the steps mentioned below.

Look for the big things first

Before you start cleaning the house, look for the big things scattered around, giving it a messy look. Pick all the big things and put them in their particular places.

Put your dirty clothes into a laundry basket

After picking up all the big things, you will most likely be left with a lot of clothing and toys. Take the dirty clothes off the floor, sofas and beds and put them in a laundry basket, if you have one. If you don’t have a laundry basket, put the dirty clothing in a container. Pile your clean clothing in the wardrobe or hang them using clothes hangers. Also gather all the spare clothes hangers and put them in the closet.

Put up your toys

Toys generally make the second major source of the mess created in a house. Collect all the toys and see whether your kids want them anymore. If possible, you can donate the toys which are no longer used. Before you dispose of them, make a list and separate them according to: toys to keep in the house, toys to donate and toys to discard.

Put up the dishes

A common thing in a messy house are dirty plates, dishes and glasses. Collect all the messy utensils, wash them and place them in kitchen cabinets, where they belong.

Dust and rearrange the books

Collect the books and magazines scattered in the house. Discard the old magazines that you believe are of no use. Check the books, for doggy ears, dust them and put them in a book rack or shelf.

Clean animal/fish cage/tank

If you any pets in your house, clean their living areas as well. If you have a fish aquarium, make sure the water is clean. If you have birds, take them out of the cage for some time and replace the newspapers at the bottom of the cage. If the birdcage still smells stinky, wipe the cage inside and out using a liquid soap and a sponge. Once the cage is dry, place your birds in and close the door.

Clean radio, TV, computer and likes

Using a paper towel or a soft cloth, wipe the dust off the computer and laptop screens, before cleaning the main body of these devices. If you have a radio or a DVD player, you should clean them too.

Organize your shoes

Shoes scattered at the entrance give an extremely messy look to your house. Make sure you have a dedicated space for everyone to take their shoes off.

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