How to Sketch Floor Plans

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Sketching floor plans for a house begins with dreams, fun ideas and a lot of imagination. The more you experiment, the better it is, but there comes a time when reality sets in and you have to make compromises in your plans so that they can actually be constructed. Any plan has to begin from a sketch, and once it is detailed enough, you can move on to the next stage to bring your dreams to life. Take your plans to a professional architect or an engineer who will tell you if your plan is capable of being implemented and used for an actual build.

The moment you get an idea, you need to sketch it down on a piece of paper for future reference. It isn’t a bad idea to keep a notebook by your bed so that if you wake up with an idea you can always sketch it down instead online casino of forgetting it later.

Once you have enough ideas, it is time for the real work to begin and for that you need to sketch everything on a graph paper. On the paper one square will be equal to one foot. You need to measure the room, in a 24-foot by 40-foot house, then extend a line 40 squares long and 24 squares wide.

You will now have a large rectangle on the graph paper, which needs to be divided into all the rooms which you plan to have. Every line that you draw will represent a wall. For instance, a 10-foot by 12-foot bedroom is represented by ten squares and twelve squares respectively.

You now need to sketch the doors. You will need to erase nearly three squares from the lines representing a room, for this the door needs to be of 36 inches. In order to represent the door swinging in or out it is suggested that you sketch a little diagonal line which should be hinged to the door. This is how doors are represented almost all over the world.

Now you need to represent the windows and it is recommended that you darken the pencil lines on the squares where you plan to have the windows. Three squares will represent three feet, and similarly four feet will be represented by four squares.

You are now required to sketch a second floor on another graph paper. Here you need to draw a stairway.

It is suggested that you draw the bathrooms with the toilet, sink, shower, washer and dryer as this will give you an idea of the space you will be needing. Remember if doesn”t fit on the paper, it won”t fit in the room.


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