How to Repair a House Foundation

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Foundation is the most important structural part of a construction, since it supports the superstructure. Regular inspection and maintenance of the foundation is necessary to ensure the structural stability of the entire building. Treat water leakage into the basement at the earliest, since it can seep into foundation through cracks, causing damage to it. If the foundation of your house has already been damaged, follow these tips to locate and repair it.

Locate the point from where water is entering

The first step when repairing a house foundation is to find the source of the water leakage. It is important to repair the outer portion of foundation crack before repairing the inner portion. Do not hesitate to dig the soil if the crack is large and extending below the surface of the ground.

Apply an expandable concrete sealant

Once you have located the crack, remove loose concrete and clean out all the debris from the crack. Now apply some stretchable, silicon based concrete sealant to seal the crack. Smooth the sealant onto the edges of the crack and let it dry completely before replacing the soil. Repeat the process on the interior side of the foundation.

Check the soil around your foundation

One of the simplest ways to fix a water problem is to stack extra soil in such a way that it is sloping away from the foundation. If you have flowerbeds along the home’s foundation, consider relocating them, since this can be one of the major causes of water seepage into the foundation.

Seek help of a structural foundation contractor

If your basement walls have moved inwards, it is a serious structural problem and it is better to seek the help of a structural foundation contractor. If you don’t stabilize the movement of the foundation at the earliest, it may lead to a serious disaster. To stabilize the foundation, the professional will install steel beams on the inner sides of the foundation walls.

Install drain tile

If you have eliminated all other causes of foundation leakage, but water is still seeping through the walls of foundation, then it is evident that the water is entering the basement from the floor level. In this case you will be required to install drain tile and seal the crack in foundation. Hire the services of a backhoe operator to remove the soil from the footings. Then apply a thick layer of foundation tar and install the drain tile down the footings.

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