How to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move

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When moving to a new location, the kitchen is last on the packing list and the first to be unpacked upon reaching your new home. This is because not only moving itself is expensive, eating out during the process is also a very costly alternative. Hence, instead of packing the whole kitchen one the same day, it is advised to start packing items during the course of the move. Most people in Canada prefer to move to a new location by road, which means that you will be having your packed stuff in a truck on your way.

Two weeks before the move:

You need to start by packing the china and party supplies. Always label the boxes containing these items as “fragile”. Do not plan a grand dinner or any party in the house which might make you think that you will need these items till the final has joined the ranks of stars speaking out against bullying. day. Pack them first before moving on to other stuff.

One week before your move:

With one week before your move, it is recommended that you pack all the pots, pans and small appliances. It is advised that you choose two items for use during your last two weeks. Usually a large skillet and a crockpot are the preferred items.

Pack all the bar glasses, cookbooks and cooking utensils, casino online if you need to drink wine, use a plastic cup instead. Buy disposable plates, bowls and cups.

Three days before your move:

Just three days before the move you need to pack up all the dishes, mugs, cups etc. You now have to start using the disposable utensils. Leave out salt and paper while pack the rest of the sauces and spices.

One day before your move:

On the final day, you need to pack all the food and the refrigerated items. All the pantry items you don”t intend to use need to be packed. It is advised that you go through the refrigerator to discard items which are expired. On the day of the move, you need to pack the remaining contents of the refrigerated items in to a cooler.

The items that you had not packed need to be taken care of on the final night. With proper planning you will have your meals ready for the final day and will not need any utensils to stay unpacked for use.

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