How to Organize your Garage

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Mostly we pile up so many things in our garages that when the time comes to using them, either we cannot find them or are too lazy to search for them. With bikes, car tools and other stuff spread all over the place, the garage becomes a mess. However, all it takes is some proper organisation to put everything in place and covert the horrific garage into a neat and clean storage space.

Proper planning

The basic problem you face when you start cleaning up your garage is the lack of proper planning. You need to make a plan regarding the space you want to use and the space that needs to be left alone, only then you will be able to organize your garage. You need to assess your priorities first, which means you need to know what is it that you want to primarily use the garage for, this can include parking your car or keeping seasonal items or sports equipment. Once you have lined your priorities only then will you be able to exactly figure out what belong where.

Clear the place

You will have to start from scratch; this means you need to start with clearing everything out. This will give you a wider view of the garage space. Get someone to help you and take everything out and place your stuff outside, in the driveway or the lawn.  It is better if you wash the floor and the walls of the garage now that it is empty.

Sort your things

You need to sort everything by placing similar objects together so that it is easy to find items once you know which space holds which type. You need to gather all the sporting equipment in one spot, the tools in another, lawn gear, camping gear, decorations etc all in different spots so that when you look for them you don’t have to scour the whole place.

Get rid of the unwanted stuff

This is perhaps the hardest part where you are actually required to get rid of the stuff which has no use to you or has not been used for ages. This might include your childhood bike which holds sentimental value; nonetheless, if it is taking up extra space in your garage, then it has to go. Divide everything into four categories – keep, donate, trash, recycle.  If your old stuff can help you make some money then go for it by holding a garage sale.

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