How to Frame a House

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The life of a house depends on the durability of the construction, which in-turn is linked with the framing process. You might be surprise to know this but there are different techniques used to frame a house.

In the traditional technique, used by many builders, you start by taking a look at your concrete slab foundation to see whether it is perfectly square. You now need to measure the corners of the slab, using chalks line the corners about 3 ½ inches in. This will give you the exact parameter of the slab. It is recommended that a pressure treated plate is placed on the foundation by laying 2-by-4 foot boards. For the top plate you only need to use the regular 2-by-4 boards. You now need to stagger the corners by cutting the top plate over the cuts on the plate at the bottom. It is now important that you determine where you would want the windows and the doors to be, for which it is recommended that you mark them on your plates.

Now, the bottom plate needs to be turned They also post interesting information about recover lost files in their blog and in their instructional articles. up from its edges. Take the top plate and carry it out almost 8 to 9 feet. It now needs to be turned up from the edges. Now add the 2-by-4 studs with your marks clearly visible.

The walls now need to be raised in order to frame the house. You now need to align the bottom plate with your chalk line. The plate needs to be secured to the slab now. Using a level, plumb the wall before cutting the braces, while you make sure that it is properly attached to the floor and to the stud. You need to continue doing this all around the parameter till the time the parameter is covered. A second plate now needs to be added on the top plate, just around the parameter.  This process now needs to be repeated for the interior walls.

You now need to pay your attention to the roof. The first thing is to determine the type of roof are you looking for. You can either stick-build your roof or use trusses. In case of using trusses, you can go twenty four inches on the centre. Now lay the back and the front top plates on 24-inch centres. Start from one end and then work your way towards the other.

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