How to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent

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If a consumer feels he was offered a bad deal by a particular real estate agent, he or she has every right to hold the agent accountable and file a complaint against the individual with the Real Estate Commissions in Canada. These commissions have made progress in recent years by making it very easy for the consumers to file a complaint against an agent. If the agent is found guilty, severe penalties can be enforced.


The first thing you need to do is find out whether the real estate agent is under the jurisdiction of your territory’s real estate commission. These commissions mostly have jurisdictions over real estate licensees, which clearly includes real estate brokers, agents or salespeople. When you are in doubt, it is advised that you check with the real estate commission so that it can be determined if the individual is licensed by the territory.

Proper filing of your complaint

You need a proper complaint form for filing your complaint. If you fail to follow the requirements, it can hamper the procedure. Call the real estate commission of your territory or logon to its website to learn the exact procedure for filing a online casino canada complaint. After finding the required form, download it and read the instructions for filling it out.

Be descriptive

You need to be very descriptive and give the exact details of how the online casino nbso agent cheated you – it is recommended that you give a chronological sequence of events. Start from the beginning, without leaving out anything because something which might not seem important to you could hold great relevance for the commission. You also need to write what was said by whom when and where. It is recommended that for your own benefit, you list the names and contact numbers of all the witnesses.

Attach documents

To make your case stronger it is advised that you back your allegations by attaching photocopies of any contracts, for instance purchase contracts, deposit receipts, notes, trust deeds and any other real estate-related forms, letters, emails, copies of the front and back of checks, or any other supporting piece of evidence.


Check the website for information regarding the delivery of your complaint. Some territories allow fax, which makes it very easy for clients to file a complaint. On the other hand, in some regions you have to deliver the complaint form and documents by hand. It is vital that you make a copy of your complaint so that you also have a backup for your claims. The amount of time and the number of investigators differs from territory to territory, and has a direct impact on the amount of time it will take for your complaint to get processed.  Stay patient and wait for a call from the commission.

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