How to Design Front Elevation of House

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Home elevation is perhaps the most important aspect of your house as it has a direct impact on the rest of the design. If the elevation is not impressive, rest assured it will overshadow the rest of the house no matter how beautiful it may be. While designing a front elevation of your house, you need to make sure that it is visually appealing and gives a sense of balance and beauty to the home.

Now to begin with, you have to tape the floor plan with the board so that the walls at the front of the home are parallel with the straight edge, beginning from the home floor plan front.

You now need to cover the floor plan with a tissue paper and then tape it down, in order to keep it fixed in its place.

Now take buy non prescription viagra online a pencil or a marker and mark an elevation line right at the bottom of the tissue paper. However, if you live in a basement, then measure the distance of the ground above before drawing a horizontal line.

Here you need to use the triangle to lightly draw the outside corners on the elevation. However, you would first need to draw the roof fascia heights because of the core grouping of rooms. You need to repeat this process until you have a rough idea of the exact mass of the home.

You now need to layout the floor plan and cover it with tissue while you plot the roof plan. Here it is quite common to work back and forth between your roof and your elevation, when you work out roof lines, roof pitch, ceiling height and fascia heights. After solving the roof plan, you will have a raw front elevation.

It needs to be mentioned here that the designing of the elevation starts after the house structure is solved. The exterior designs and styles are only applied after the raw outer structure of the house is drawn.

It is recommended that by selecting solutions you solve the elevation problems and then go onto the development phase. It is imperative that you select the right sized and styled windows, doors, trims, lamps, exterior surfaces, roofing types and design motifs.

After you solve the front elevation, you need to develop the side and rear elevations. How you design your elevation will actually complement the rest of the house, so make sure that everything is balanced and has style integrity.

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