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21 Jun 2013

Sample Real Estate Sales Contract

When finalising any deal in real estate you are required to sign a contract which will make the transaction legal. The real estate contract is not complicated and you can easily fill it on your own or
21 Jun 2013

How to Finance Real Estate Development

Real estate development is an easy way to make a profit, here all you need to do is buy a real estate with a low value, then develop it and later sell it for a profit. Canada’s
21 Jun 2013

Closing a Commercial Real Estate Deal

Closing a commercial real estate deal can be a very difficult and frustrating task, which takes new real estate agents months to master. Usually these new agents burn out on the profession before tasting any success. To
20 Jun 2013

Do you Need a Lawyer to Buy a House?

Practically speaking it is not compulsory to need a lawyer when buying a house as this can be done between you, a real estate agent and the seller. However, if you want your agreement to be flawless
20 Jun 2013

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to buy or sell property, finding a qualified real estate agent will help you go through the process without any issues. Instead of wasting your time by planning on how to sell your
20 Jun 2013

How to File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Agent

If a consumer feels he was offered a bad deal by a particular real estate agent, he or she has every right to hold the agent accountable and file a complaint against the individual with the Real
19 Jun 2013

How to Organize your Garage

Mostly we pile up so many things in our garages that when the time comes to using them, either we cannot find them or are too lazy to search for them. With bikes, car tools and other
19 Jun 2013

How to Build a Waterfall Pond

Artificially constructed waterfall ponds enhance the outlook of your residence and give it an exotic touch. These waterfall ponds give your surrounding a more natural look and are fast becoming popular landscape features. Choosing a location The
19 Jun 2013

Refinance Mortgage with Bad Credit

The first and the most important thing to remember when refinancing, is to save enough money for the closing costs and all other fees. When you refinance a mortgage with bad credit, it actually becomes a second
19 Jun 2013

How to Design Front Elevation of House

Home elevation is perhaps the most important aspect of your house as it has a direct impact on the rest of the design. If the elevation is not impressive, rest assured it will overshadow the rest of
19 Jun 2013

Creating your Own House Plans

Owning a house is everyone’s dream, and what better way to make your dream come true by actually creating your own house plans instead of hiring someone else to do it for you? When it comes to
16 Jun 2013

How to Add Someone to Your Mortgage

If you add someone to your mortgage then you and him/her will be mutually responsible for the home loan. Both of you will also share equal rights in the property and its value. Usually when people enter
14 Jun 2013

Marketing Plans for Condominium Sales

Selling or renting out a property is always a tricky business, and if you are not careful, your property can end up staying in the market for too long, which will make it lose its worth and
14 Jun 2013

How to Negotiate a Price for a Condominium

For people who have just graduated from college or those who are looking to downsize their living arrangements, condominiums are perfect residences. However, one thing which you should know is that condominiums come with extra costs, which
14 Jun 2013

How to Rent Out a Condominium

Renting out a condominium can be very rewarding financially, since condos are in hot demand and easily rented out on good rates; however, before you jump into renting out a condominium, you need to thoroughly have the
14 Jun 2013

How to Buy a Bank Owned Condominium

It is common practice that when a condominium goes into foreclosure, the owner of the condominium is given a short period of time in which he or she can pay the debt and continue to reside in
14 Jun 2013

Avoiding Basement Flooding

While basements are a blessing during the summers because of the cold temperatures down there, maintaining basements is a tough job, requiring vigilance and hard work. The biggest issue that house owners face is the flooding of
14 Jun 2013

How to Finance a House Flip

The biggest problem for people wanting to house flip is obtaining the financing for their deals. The major confusion many face is in deciding whether it would be better to find a deal or get hold of
14 Jun 2013

Starting an Auction House Business

Working a daily job to make bread and butter might not be for those who want to start their own business and be their own bosses. Own businesses give people more profit and a sense of achievement,
13 Jun 2013

How Can i Find out my Property Line

When erecting a fence or planting tree on your property it is very important to know just where your property begins from and where it ends. If by mistake you fence lands from someone else’s property, it