What Buyers Are Looking For in a Home

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Besides a sustainable neighbourhood and curb appeal, there are few other things as well that potential home buyers look for in their prospective home. Here is a list of the things that can help you attract the potential buyers and sell the home quickly.

Energy efficiency features 

With fossil fuel prices increasing swiftly, buyers now want homes that have energy efficient features. An Oraclepoll Research survey of Ontarians conducted a few years ago had concluded that after price and location, energy efficiency was the most important feature to new home buyers. Programmable thermostats and Energy Star appliances are practically passé, new home buyers want to have solar panels, heat recovery ventilators, argon filled windows, water heaters without tanks and other such features.

Built-in closet organization systems

Whether your closets are huge or small, make sure they have built in organization systems. Visit a few construction companies to familiarize yourself with different closet systems. It is a good idea to customize your closets by choosing a design that offers maximum flexibility. Your potential home buyers may want to configure the closet system according to their needs and choice.

Specialty rooms

Living rooms are quite outdated, now people prefer to have a well-outfitted media room or a mini theatre, where they can enjoy movies with their friends and family. A separate exercise room, or a sports room in the basement could seal the deal.

Luxurious Bathrooms

A lot of attention is paid to make rooms and kitchen spacious, but new home buyers want their bathrooms to be spacious and luxurious as well. Separate shower corrals with multiple shower heads, double sinks, vortex bathtubs and dressing areas are the most desired features.

Spacious and stylish utility rooms

Dedicated utility rooms, especially an attractively decorated laundry room, are becoming more and more common. If you cannot afford multiple utility rooms, such as a craft/sewing area or a mud room, at least have an area dedicated for laundry. Besides utility rooms, bright, jumbo sized garages and beautifully designed and well organized walk-in pantries are also in great demand.

Multiple fireplaces

While multiple fireplaces are in great demand, you should have at least one in the home that you are planning to sell. People fancy burning woods on cold winter nights.

Wired home

With tech gadgets and electric appliances becoming an integral part of our lives, new home buyers want houses with plenty of electrical outlets and well located phone and internet jackets.

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